2020 Annual Report for Code of Good Practice of the Virginia Biosolids Council

The Council’s Code of Good Practice has been providing guiding principles to its members for more than a decade. The Code received a thorough review in 2020, which resulted in what the Council’s membership consider to be valuable and significant amendments. This annual report is intended to provide a progress report on how the Council’s membership performed against these guidelines. It is updated annually.
Last year presented a historic operational environment because of COVID-19. From the very beginning of the pandemic, the commitment of the Council’s members to protect public health and the environment never wavered.
This report provides information on biosolids inspected and complaints collected by the Department of Environmental Quality – publicly available information. The Code provides the Council with an ever-present reminder to make sure its members “go beyond the regulations.”
Links to the 2020 VBC Annual Report and updated Code of Good Practice are below:

Click HERE to read the 2020 Annual Report for Code for Code of Good Practice of the VBC in full.

Click HERE to view the 2020 Code of Good Practice.