Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day is a celebration of our most valued resource, the Earth. Our organization is focused on responsibly producing biosolids for beneficial use and recycling that is protective of public health and the environment. It is one way we can enhance soil and our environment.

This year’s theme is “Invest in our Planet”, a perspective of optimism that the Earth is benefiting from our efforts.

As I think about the work of the VBC and the profession of so many in the industry, investment is at the center of our daily operations. We restore water. That is, we take dirty water and make it clean and usable, returning a precious resource to the environment and protecting the health of our communities.

Biosolids are just one part of this process. Just as water resource facilities recover and reuse valuable and limited resources, families, schools, businesses, you and I recycle glass, plastic, metal and paper to conserve our natural resources.

Water facilities invest a great deal of resources treating water and removing the solids. We take this treated material and recycle it on agricultural farms, and for use in gardens and public places. In addition to capturing carbon in soil as a low cost and environmentally friendly way to store carbon, biosolids can reduce commercial fertilizer, improve soil health, and strengthen the economy of a farm. Now that’s an investment that is good for the farmer, good for the community and good for the earth.

Earth Day may be one day on the calendar, but it should be celebrated all year.

I want to thank the other professionals like me who protect the Earth and its natural environment every day. Please join VBC in evaluating ways to invest in our Earth.

Ed Edmondson

President, Virginia Biosolids Council