Public Use of EQ Biosolids

Some municipalities have been switching to produce EQ biosolids that can be used locally in urban landscapes. These municipalities promote the use of EQ biosolids products for urban agriculture due to their beneficial effects on soil rehabilitation, vegetable production and carbon sequestration in the cities.

The City of Tacoma (WA) has produced and marketed Tagro soilTM (link), which is an EQ biosolids blended with sand and sawdust. The use of this product and a biosolids compost (GrocoTM, Kings County, WA) improved soil physical (water infiltration, lower compaction) and chemical (nitrogen and phosphorus availability) properties of soils in urban gardens in Washington compared to a non-amended soil (McIvor et al., 2012).

Similar EQ biosolids products that are being generated ford for urban uses include Bloom TM (Washington, DC; link) and NutriflorTM (Vancouver, British Columbia, CA; link).

More research to evaluate the effect of these newer EQ biosolids products on urban soil properties, vegetable yield, and water quality when they are used in urban agriculture is ongoing. DCWater, which produces Bloom, is an active member of the Virginia Biosolids Council.

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