Benefits of Biosolids Program Touted by Farmer

Port Republic – Farming Since 1944, the Saufley Family takes pride in their cow calf operation and nearly 175 acres of grass, hay and corn.  Steve Saufley speaks of the important role he and other farmers play, providing food, feed and fuel for our nation.  He worries about the growing disconnect for future generations, not understanding where their food, feed and fuels comes from.

He credits much of his family’s success all these years to his participation in the Virginia Biosolids Program.  Not only does the program provide important benefits of replenishing nutrients in the soil on which he grows grass and hay; but Saufley sees benefit in his cattle as well.  The benefit is not short-lived and lasts a little longer in dry weather, critical for feeding his cows.

“Everything goes back to the earth,” Saufley explains, “by using biosolids we use waste instead of throwing it away.  How many more landfills would we have filled up over the years if not for this program.”

Speaking to the program, Saufley explained it is just one of the many best management practices he utilizes as a part of caring for his land.  He also spoke to the developments over the years that have only improved the program, from minimizing odor, to working closely with the program to ensure record keeping and applications in accordance with the nutrient management plan. He fondly remembered the beginning of the program – hearing about the program and doing lots of research before he decided it was the right fit for him.  Overall – the program helps him realize the value of land application of biosolids – comparing results on different acreage and increasing soil health as well as that of his cows.