Biosolids News Archive

October 2014 Biosolids News (.pdf 414 KB)
• Biosolids applied with GPS precision on farms
• Virginia Tech to conduct biosolids webinars

May 2014 Biosolids News (.pdf 352 KB)
• Biosolids enhance global reach of Engel Farms
• VBC member named “Friend of Agriculture”
• Moody heads Virginia Association of Counties

November 2013 Biosolids News (.pdf 257 KB)
• Biosolids rehabilitate soil at Stafford airport—again

August 2013 Biosolids News (.pdf 266 KB)
• Conference will focus on new biosolids regs
• New Kent farm provides land for agricultural research

January 2013 Biosolids News (.pdf 399 KB)
• Treatment plant is favorite habitat for birds
• Farmer in landmark biosolids case
• Biosolids complaints decline

August 2012 Biosolids News (.pdf 281 KB)
• Biosolids workshop on the latest technology
• Virginia Tech to conduct small grains research
• Dinwiddie County farmer uses biosolids to convert from tobacco

March 2012 Biosolids News (.pdf 429 KB)
• Hard work builds a model farm in Augusta

August 2011 Biosolids News (.pdf 463 KB)
• Campbell County Farmer Rebuilds His Soil
• Learn About Using Biosolids at the State Fair of Virginia
• VBC Supports Risk Communication Study

May 2011 Biosolids News (.pdf 463 KB)
• Virginia Farmers Support Biosolids
• Water Board Tours Biosolids Sites

December 2010 Biosolids News (.pdf 522 KB)
• New Kent Supervisor promotes farm stewardship
• VBC Member Gets Technology Patent
• DEQ inspections for 2010

August 2010 Biosolids News (.pdf 119 KB)
• Summary of research on biosolids safety
• VaTech research shows biosolids increase forest productivity

April 2010 Biosolids News (.pdf 119 KB)
• Biosolids Council adopts practice code

October 2009 Biosolids News (.pdf 144 KB)
• Biosolids monitor covers a five-county area

April 2009 Biosolids News (.pdf 252 KB)
• Composting a growing option for biosolids recycling

February 2009 Biosolids News (.pdf 268 KB)
• Expert Panel concludes biosolids are safe

July 2008 Biosolids News (.pdf 296 KB)
• DEQ takes charge of land application
• Researchers test biosolids drought resistance

March 2008 Biosolids News (.pdf 196 KB)
• Biosolids a Growing Option for Tree Farmers
• Agricultural Value of Biosolids
• Biosolids Expert Panel

April 2007 Biosolids News (.pdf 160 KB)
• New Virginia Biosolids Laws
• Statement from DEQ Director
• Progress Farm research

August 2006 Biosolids News (.pdf 248 KB)
• Answers to your questions about biosolids
• Counties pass monitor ordinances

February 2006 Biosolids News (.pdf 284 KB)
• Biosolids monitor serves county and state
• Counties take regional approach to monitoring
• What can Monitors Do?

October 2005 Biosolids News (.pdf 256 KB)
• “We couldn’t survive without biosolids”
• Setbacks provide additional protection

June 2005 Biosolids News (.pdf 333KB)
• Proposed Phosphorus Rules
• What are Biosolids
• Virginia’s Regulatory Program