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Virginia farmer responds to Mother Earth blogs

Started in 1970, Mother Earth News features practical and money-saving information on organic gardening; do-it-yourself projects; cutting energy costs; using renewable energy; green home building and remodeling; rural living; and

DC Water launches Bloom Product Website

DC Water, a founding member of the Virginia Biosolids Council, recently launched a website for its EPA-certified ‘Exceptional Quality’ biosolids – called Bloom. After water is used in homes and

VBC Comments on Permits

Recently the Virginia Biosolids Council submitted comments for the public record on two biosolids permits being considered by the Virginia State Water Control Board. During the promulgation of a biosolids

JLARC to conduct study of biosolids

Additionally, there were two studies introduced. One advanced. House Joint Resolution 120, patroned by Del. Steve Landes (R-Augusta), was approved by the Virginia General Assembly. Del. Landes, Vice-Chair of the

Code of Good Practice and Why it Matters

  Five years ago, with little fanfare, the members of the Virginia Biosolids Council created a document identifying practices we believed contributed to being a good neighbor. Every member of the