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New Fact Sheets Developed

Biosolids can be used to restore disturbed lands, and Exceptional Quality biosolids can help restore urban soils. See new Fact Sheets developed with the help of Virginia Tech’s School of

Local Monitors in Virginia

According to the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission report on biosolids prepared in 2017, “localities indicated that their monitoring programs are valuable to them because they allow them to

Neil Zahradka of DEQ

VBC Holds Informational Session

Recently the Virginia Biosolids Council (VBC) hosted an informational session on biosolids for invited guests who represented a variety of organizations, including state and local government, agricultural and agricultural business

EPA Releases Biennial Review

The U.S. EPA recently released its Biennial Review for biosolids for 2013 and 2015, which is required by the Clean Water Act. The review did not identify any pollutants for additional regulation.

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